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Funeral homes

A proactive and caring grief care service that adds value to your Funeral Home’s service offering.

The Grief Centre has partnered with funeral homes to provide Bereavement Support services in New Zealand for almost 10 years and in Australia since 2019. We offer a support service that provides wellbeing support for your families and enhances your total service and brand.

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What is Bereavement Support?

  • Elevate your Funeral Home’s brand and reputation through a partnership with an organisation that understands the loss and grief journey and how to support your clients through it.

  • Access an extended Grief Centre team who maintain and cement the relationship between your Funeral Home and your client families.

  • Position your Funeral Home as a socially responsible business that recognises the importance of supporting client mental health once the practicalities of the funeral are over.


The full per client package of support includes:

  • A brochure about your funeral home, a booklet on loss and grief and an introductory letter

  • Unlimited phone support for a bereaved family member for up to one year post bereavement

  • Complimentary initial counselling session if needed

  • Anniversary card sent on the first anniversary of the death

Please get in touch to learn more about our service by contacting our Grief Care Relationship Manager Paul Canavan on

Thanks for getting in touch!

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